Campden surgery is a ‘Research Ready Accredited Practice’ and member of the Primary Care Research Network. We participate in a variety of research studies that have been approved by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). This means we are working to find ways of improving the care we provide and help to inform future developments in health care.

You may be invited to participate, either by a letter through the post or during an appointment at the surgery. All clinical research is thoroughly checked and approved by ethical committees to ensure that it is appropriate and safe to perform. You will always receive clear information about what taking part in a research study would involve. Your participation is entirely voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time. You are under no obligation to participate in any research project and your care will not be affected in any way if you decided not to take part.

Studies we are currently participating in:

COVID – 19 Studies

IMMUNE DEFENCE study: This study will examine the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of commonly available nasal sprays and a brief physical activity and stress management intervention in preventing and reducing the incidence and severity and duration of respiratory tract infections among patients who may be at risk of serious infection during the COVID pandemic.

PRINCIPLE: (Platform Randomised trial of Interventions against COVID-19 In older peoPLE) It is open to all patients over 50 years old and is looking at the potential of existing medications as treatment for early COVID-19. If you start to develop any new COVID-19 symptoms, then please visit the study website at

Serology (blood sample) study:  You may be offered the opportunity to provide an extra sample at your pre scheduled blood test. This is sample is being used by Public Health England (PHE) to look at the background immunity of the population to COVID-19. You will not receive any results from this blood test.

Other Studies

SUPPORTBACK2: (closed to recruitment). This study looks at the clinical effectiveness of an online intervention on low back pain related physical disability delivered with and without telephone Physiotherapist support in addition to usual care, compared to usual care alone.

REDUCE: (open to recruitment). The aim of this study is to evaluate online support to patients and practitioners in the reduction of long term antidepressant medication for depression, together with some telephone support for patients.

ARISSA: The ARISSA study is looking at new methods of identifying and responding to patients who are more likely to have a severe asthma attack that leads to hospitalisation. This involves training staff and using alerts to help lower the number of severe asthma attacks. This study is aimed at the practice staff and not patients directly so you may not notice any changes to the care you receive.

Further information: